Top 5 Countries Where Indian Students Prefer To Study Abroad

Universities worldwide have definitely seen a rise in the number of Indian students enrolling for admission, whether for a Bachelor’s Degree or even Master’s. Indian job market does prefer students with a degree from an international university. Several universities abroad offer better infrastructure, better quality education and focus a lot more on research based education.

Looking at some countries where Indian students prefer to study abroad:

  • Canada

According to statistics, around 14% of all international students studying in Canada, are Indians. Furthermore, the Canadian government has introduced immigration policies that are beneficial for Indian students like offering permanent residency to highly skilled students passing out of a Canadian university.

Being an English speaking country, Canada is one of the most preferred countries to study at, for Indian students. The country offers a cosmopolitan environment and a high quality of life.

York University, University of Toronto and University of Winnipeg are some of the best ranking universities in Canada.

  • Germany

International students enjoy free tuition in German public universities for various English taught courses. Moreover, a program in particular called DAAD is especially dedicated to Indian students.

There are a lot of scholarship programs as well, offered to students. Universities in Germany also have a wide network of partnerships with local and international research institutes and thus there is a lot more focus on research and innovative options.

Justus Liebig University Giessen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University of Bonn are some of the top ranking German universities.

  • Australia

The visa process for many Asian students has become more relaxed over the past few years, which is why Indian students form a huge part of the total population of international students. Australia offers a multicultural and a friendly environment and moreover, the country also has great opportunities for work during studies and after graduation.

University of Tasmania, Charles Darwin University and University of Adelaide are some examples of Australian universities that have found a position for themselves in world university rankings.

  • United States of America

One of the most sought out sudy-abroad destinations for Indian students is the USA. American universities provide top education and scholarships are numerous. Studying in the United States leads to a worldwide acknowledgement of one’s qualification or so is the mindset of many. But higher education in the US does prepare a student in the long run.

Harvard University, Princeton University and Stanford University are some of the top ranking universities in the country.

  • United Kingdom

According to statistics, the number of Indian students enrolling in UK universities has been increasing. A rise of 10% has been witnessed in the last year itself.

Though the cost of living is definitely higher in the UK, it offers some of the best educational programs and Indian students benefit a lot more from the kind of exposure and expertise offered to the students.

University of Oxford, London Schools of Economics and Political Science and University of Cambridge are some of the top ranking universities in the world.