Number of Goan students wanting to study abroad trending upwards: Kataktalware

HERALD: What is Joyversity about?
Samrat Kataktalware: Joyversity Overseas Education Pvt Ltd is a comprehensive solution for students who wish to pursue their education in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and European countries. We guide them through the intricacies of admission process right since choosing the suitable course, institute and country to compilation of documents, qualifying required tests, application, guidance for arrangement of funds, application for VISA and applying for scholarships. Joyversity was founded by Samrat Kataktalware, a civil engineer and conceptualised in association with Mayur Ingole, MBA from UK. So far we have sent 10 students so far. The problem in Goa is that students are not aware of the scope out there in the world. From India, tens of thousands go abroad to study and from Goa approximately 50 go abroad every year. Most go to UK and America. Now students are going to Canada and Australia for courses as diverse as engineering and computer courses with focus on product engineering and mechanical engineering.
HERALD: What are the advantages of studying abroad?
SK: Not only for quality of education and excellent career opportunities but also for a first-hand experience of the international standards and trends, it is recommended that students should study abroad. Experience a life in multi-cultural society, make international friends and establish a network and in turn make themselves more self-reliant. After completion of education students might even get an opportunity to work there and gain permanent residency status.
HERALD: What is the procedure of admission?
SK: The procedure of admission will slightly differ for each country but the generalized procedure can be explained in four easy stages as follows
n Choosing the right course, institute and country:  Students can get help from many  ranking systems like Times Higher Education or QS World etc. to find out the best Institutes providing the course of their interest. Based on the students past record suitable options should be selected for application.
n Qualifying tests and documentation: Students have to prove their English language skills by qualifying tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. In USA students have to qualify tests like SAT for undergraduate studies, GRE for Post graduate studies and GMAT for management studies. The documentation includes writing the Statement of Purpose (SOP), getting Letter of reference (LOR) from college professors and compiling all the educational records.
n Application and acceptance: Almost all the Universities these days facilitate easy online application form and upload all the relevant scanned documents. If selected, the student will receive an offer letter from the Institute. Student may then pay the tuition fee and accept the offer. After payment of fee the University/Institute will issue the confirmation letter.
n Application for Visa: Only those students who have received the confirmation letter can apply for VISA. Some countries will require a personal interview whereas some will have telephonic interviews or no interviews at all. Students have to prove their financial capability and that they are not potential immigrants to get the study Visa.
HERALD: How can students arrange the finances required?
SK: There are many nationalised banks which provide ‘educational loans’ up to Rs 20 lakh where repayment of loan can be done after completion of education. Many Universities also provide scholarships and bursaries to meritorious students. It usually costs around Rs 25-30 lakh per annum and it includes tuition and living expenses
The students may also opt to work part time as they study. In most of the countries international students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week which pays the student sufficient amount to take care of their living expenses.
HERALD: When should students start the process?
SK: Generally in most of the countries there are 2 intakes which are in Jan/Feb or Sep/Oct of every year. Ideally students should start the process 1 year in advance before the planned start of course.
HERALD: Can students from other cities avail services from Joyversity?
SK: Yes off course, the entire process can be done online and through telephone. The Goa market is growing and more students are expressing their interest in studying abroad. We get 3 to 4 inquiries every week.