No Need to Fight: Ameritech Financial on Keeping Student Loans From Causing Financial Burdens in a Marriage

Credit: zimmytws/Bigstock Finances can get complicated. Relationships can be difficult. Marriage can become the perfect storm of confusion as it pairs choices within a personal relationship with financial decisions that, together, can have a major impact on a person’s (or couple’s) life. How to handle the new financial situation is an issue that every new married couple must face. If one or both members of the new union carry student loans into the equation, a whole new set of variables concerning debt is introduced into an already confusing situation. Ameritech Financial, a document preparation service company that works with those who have student debt, can help make sense of this mad landscape.

Tom Knickerbocker, Executive Vice President of Ameritech Financial, explains that “newlyweds have some tough choices to make, especially if they have student loans to deal with. Negotiating between short-term comfort and long-term contentment can be very confusing.” Indeed, the questions facing a recently married couple can spiral out of control. How will filing taxes jointly versus separately affect cash flow? Are spouses responsible for each other’s student loan debts? At what point in a person’s career, life, marriage, or employment are particular options most beneficial? Do those bath towels really compliment the shower curtain?

Interior decoration issues aside, these questions can potentially lead to stressful conversations within a marriage. Money issues are often at the center of marital disputes — so often that money is the number one cause of fights between married couples. For many couples, the best way to avoid these unpleasant situations is to maintain a steady cash flow for daily and monthly expenses. If student loan payments grow too burdensome, they can become a major source of stress within a marriage by preventing the couple from spending as much money as they may need to establish their new life together. One option that may present itself is an income-driven repayment plan (IDR).

IDRs allow a person, or a couple, to base the amount of their student loan payment on their income and family size. Whether a couple files taxes together or separately, an IDR can potentially lower loan payments enough so that they will hopefully not be as much of a source of stress or reason to argue within a marriage.

“If we at Ameritech can help a newlywed couple avoid fights, that’s great,” Knickerbocker started, “and we think that by assisting people with the federal IDR application process we may be able to do just that. Financial security is important to everybody, but to a newlywed couple it may be a prerequisite to a happy marriage.”

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