2. Watch online videos:

Many of you have this question : How do we remember so many chapters throughout the year? Isn’t it too much for a student to remember?

Well, let me explain by giving you an example:

Do you remember the name of this movie?

It’s been 11 years since the movie was released. How are you able to remember something that you have seen years ago? This proves that, if we are interested in performing a task, we can recollect it anytime. How amazing would it be if we develop the same curiosity for studying!

Also, taking a clue from the above example: We can say that, Humans have a remarkable ability to remember pictures.

I feel that in the syllabus of SSC, one of the most difficult sections is the poems in the languages and the activities of Science. Many of us fail to understand what the poet wants to say or why are those activities included in Science?

We usually rote-learn poems and then find it difficult to be remembered throughout the year. So what should we do?

Here is the best solution……

Target Publications offers QR codes in books to easily understand poems and remember them for a longer time period. Language poems are brilliantly explained with amazing pictures that etch in your mind forever. Some textual poems are directly taken from an epic with an incomplete background. Hence understanding such poems is a hindrance. However, Target videos initially explain the background of such poems so that you can effortlessly answer any complicated question. Once you understand the poem well, scoring full marks in the poetry section is just a piece of cake.  A figure of speech is definitely asked in this section. These videos also explain all the figures of speech used in the poems. Now isn’t it easy to score full marks in this section?

Are Science experiments difficult to learn?

I asked many students about the problems they face while studying. And one of the major obstacles for them was recollecting those terrible Science activities. It’s obviously natural. How is it possible for a human to learn Physics and Chemistry experiments and then recollect all of them in examinations?

Target Publications has made this easier for us. All the experiments are practically performed in these videos. And you enjoy watching these just as you enjoy watching a movie. You just need to click the link given below to engrave these activities in your memory forever.

However, having books handy is not possible every-time. Especially in the current lockdown situation. Hence to ease learning at home Target has launched its e-books powered by the technology of Lazy Bone Innovations are now available on your mobile phone at nominal rates and work much better than the hard-bound books. So don’t miss the chance.  What are you waiting for?

Reward yourself after completing the session:

Rewarding yourself makes you feel good and motivated to study with the same potential the next time. You can reward yourself with a ‘you have done it’ sticker or a star.

So what more do you want? Start utilizing all the 86,400 seconds in a day.

If you feel there’s more to contribute, I would like to hear from you in the comment section below.