Student Applications From South India To UK Universities Up: UK Envoy

Student Applications From South India To UK Universities Up: UK Envoy

The number of applications, from South India, to study in the United Kingdom has witnessed a nine per cent jump last year compared to previous years, a top British envoy said here today. The number of applications from South India which were “flat two years ago,” grew by 9 per cent last year, British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai, Bharat Joshi said. “Last year, it went up by 9 per cent.. Students have started to understand much better what the UK system is,” he told reporters.

Elaborating further, he said, applications were processed from five states — Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

“What we have seen is that quality of students applying to United Kingdom universities has improved,” he said,adding, there has been constant increase in visit visas issued to Indians.

Responding to a query, he said 80 per cent of applications comprise “visit visas” and second highest will be from people who travel to UK for “work.”

According to a press release, for the year ending March 2017, 4.14 lakh visitor visas were issued, of which 11,700 comprise student visas and 5,000 short term study visas.

During the same period, 60,000 work visas were issued, it said.

“Students are starting to understand much better,” Mr Joshi said, on the reasons for increase in student applications to United Kingdom.

On the impact of Britain exiting the European Union, Mr Joshi said, ” The (UK) government is clear that once we leave the European Union, United Kingdom will become a “beacon” for a fair rules based trade system.”

“We want to see more global trade and more investments and we will be looking for more partners to support that.. I think, the relationship with India is no secret.. India is one of the key destinations.. About two-thirds of all work visas globally issued are to Indians.. That is a huge statistic,” he said.

On a query whether investments from India will dampen due to UK coming out of the EU, he said, “no it is the opposite.. We are seeing bigger investments.. TVS Logistics (TVS Group company) has employed more than 4,000 people and they are expanding.. They are continuing to expand. We have a lot of energy travelling in both directions.”