Show me the Money: UWG recognized for affordable online Classes

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UWG has received a national accolade for its affordability in online classes. The recognition comes from SR Education Group, an online education publisher that was founded in 2004. The ranking factors in price as well as wide range of classes available for students to take.

          SR Education group conducted research among over 1,000 other schools and compiled their data to create four separate lists found that UWG is 4th most affordable in the nation for Doctoral degrees. “We analyzed accredited online schools across the nation and ranked the top 25 according to manually researched annual tuition rates,” said Kelsey D’Ewart, representative for SR Education Group.

          To be considered, schools have to average online tuition of $10,000 or less and offer at least five online bachelors and/or master’s degrees, with UWG offering nine doctoral degrees. With the average tuition among these schools around $6,200, UWG takes affordability a step further offering below average tuition, starting under $6,000.

          This recognition is a big step for the university to rise to national recognition for its affordability. Online classes offer students a change to do work on their time and work around a schedule that involves a full time job or taking care of children. UWG students can take relief knowing the value they are getting for their online education and know they are not being gouged. No matter how expensive online school might seem, it is probably more expensive at another college.