The Chico Unified School District provides online classes

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CHICO, Calif. – The Chico Unified School District is giving students from 6th to 12th grade the option to take classes online.

Students can choose from two different online academies: The Viking Academy or The Panther Academy.

The online courses cover all classes. Students can choose to take them all online if they want to.

The school district said that they tested the program last year and found it to be successful, so they are expanding it this year.

Before students can take courses online, the student or parent must speak with a counselor to set up the classes they need.

Once they are signed up, the students can do the assignments from home, meeting with a teacher once a week. The teacher will monitor the student’s progress to make sure that the student stays on track.

Director of Secondary Education, Jay Marchant, said that if a student is not doing well with the online course, they will have to reassess if this is the best option for the student to learn from.

“If a student is starting to struggle, the teacher that they meet with will ask them what they need help with,” said Marchant.

If the student continues to struggle, then the school district will reevaluate if the online program is the best course for the individual and go from there.

Students who take their classes online can still join school activities.

“This helps keep them connected to the school,” said Marchant.

Marchant said that the online courses have not had an effect on the students who attend class on campus.

The online classes are free and are a part of the school district.