How to get hired after a layoff or a career break

Layoffs or looking for a job after a career break can be challenging. Here’s how you can realign your goals to triumph through life’s struggles.

Layoffs are tough. It is the beginning of a rough battle filled with bouts of anxiety and uncertain paths, but let me tell you one thing — nothing is permanent, not even the adversities in your life.

Life is a bitter-sweet symphony of success and failures but do not let one misfortune break your confidence. Don’t panic! It may sound impossible to do, but it is important for you to keep calm. Your mind should focus on how to overcome a difficult situation. Remember that you can move mountains if you have a strong mind.

Start applying for jobs and reach out to your network. Look for ways to learn new skills and improve your profile. It could be either a new language or a new software skill that is gaining popularity. Ensure that you spend your time in productive ways. Now is the time to play smart, so use this time off for your personal development.

While you are learning new skills, you must also stay in regular contact with your network. Don’t stop building new relations.

Take out time to attend seminars or product events in your field. The job market is still hot and there is a high chance of you getting a job again. So, ensure that you surround yourself with smart and career-oriented people.

And lastly, save up for a rainy day. In life, you have to expect the unexpected. Develop a healthy saving habit so that financial problems do not bog you down during this tough career phase.

In this video, I am sharing three ground-breaking solutions that can help you sail through these rough times with ease.