10 tips to pick the right career stream after CBSE Class 12 results

he CBSE Class 12 results 2018 were declared today and students all over India are checking their scores and planning their next move — choosing a career stream so they can pick a course or college according to that.

Even if you scored lesser than you expected, do not lose heart! What truly matters in life is not your class 12 marks but rather the skills you develop which will help you get a job later.

So, take a breather, let bygones be bygones and start planning for your future, instead of dwelling on why your marks wasn’t what you expected

1. Know what you don’t want to pursue

Sometimes, the best choices in life are the ones you don’t make. Use the process of elimination to ensure that you weed out all the possible careers that you’re not suited for. Use the practice of visualisation here.

Are you someone who likes sitting in an office in your personal space, or do you see yourself being out in the field, meeting people and being on the move?

2. Take the assistance of a career counsellor

Whether it’s a professional problem or a personal one, it’s always a good idea to seek help, especially when it’s so readily available. Career counsellors are highly trained professionals, and they will help you complete a series of personality evaluation and aptitude tests so that you can make an informed choice.

3. Do short-term courses in subjects that interest you

The best way to know whether you like something is to study it. A host of colleges offer short-term courses in various fields of interest. After your class 12 results, you also have the option of studying online at your own pace, where the quality of courses is improving greatly by the day.

4. Don’t worry about the money

Giving into advice like ‘Get into sales — it has a lot of money’ is highly unwise. There’s no such guarantee that a particular field will reap rich dividends for you, especially if you find that you’re not good at it. Money will always follow if you pursue something that is in sync with your skillset and interests.

5. Engage a mentor

Find someone you admire — it could be a CEO of well-known company or any respected professional from your desired field — and get in touch with them, requesting for a mentorship opportunity after your board exam results are here. The gap after your class 12 results is a good time for this. Most people in higher positions would consider it an honour and won’t hesitate from taking you under their wing.

6. Follow influencers on LinkedIn

Articles written by LinkedIn influencers are all the rage today, and usually followed by a plethora of people who have particular interest in that area. Start reading such pieces after your board results are here. The information and insights might well help you in making the right choice of career.

7. Don’t follow the herd

Giving in to peer pressure is always a bad idea no matter what people around you say after you get your CBSE board exam results. Sure, your best friend or some family relative might be thriving in a particular field, making you believe that you might be good at it too. Such a decision will always backfire. Always trust your instincts to know what the right path is for you.

8. Take internships seriously

Seek out specific colleges that promise to facilitate internships post the completion of an undergraduate course. Internships are the best way to know for a certain whether a particular field suits you. It’s never a waste of time, and even if it’s something you don’t like, the skills and learning that you would have acquired will always come in use.

9. Listen to everyone, but trust only yourself

As a young person confused about their career, you are likely to get all sorts of advice right after your board exam results are declared. Wanted or unwanted, you will get advise from a plethora of sources — parents, relatives, friends, teachers etc. While some of this advice may well be useful, and certainly worth listening to, you will know in your heart what the best is for you. So keep calm and trust yourself!

10. See what makes you happy

After your CBSE Class 12 results, take your time and think what you feel happy about. It could be a hobby or passion that you’ve loved since childhood – perhaps writing, sketching, building things, etc. The best professionals are those who make their love for something into a career. That way, no day ever feels like work!