If you want to be the software designer who can architect systems for successful startups like Flipkart, this XSeries provides the foundational knowledge you need.

Google search, Netflix personalization, and self-driving cars rely on complex algorithms and data structures that can scale to a billion users.

In this 5 course XSeries, you will learn the importance of software design, programming skills, data structures, and algorithm principles, that drive every electronic gadget that you see in the market.


What You’ll Learn

  • Basic programming skills.
  • How to write C++ programs to solve real world computational problems.
  • How to use object-oriented programming to design modern software systems that adapt to highly rapid change.
  • How best to use different data structures to represent, organize, and manipulate data.
  • To inculcate design thinking for building system that scale.
  • The importance of efficient algorithms in terms of time and space complexity.