Bless Online: Release Date, Classes, Gameplay, & More

Bless Online Release DateBless Online is the latest high-fantasy MMO and it is sure to take the genre by storm. Using all the latest technology, developers Neowiz have created a highly detailed world both in lore and graphics.

There are many races and classes to choose from, all of which can be uniquely tailored to fit whatever character the player might have in mind. With these characters, players will be able to explore vast and diverse lands. In the trailers, we have already seen beautiful winter kingdoms, densely forested worlds, and everything in between.

Most interesting of all is that Bless Online has a soundtrack composed entirely by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe. If you don’t already know, Hans Zimmer is an Oscar bearing composer for almost all the memorable soundtracks in film history, like Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, and many more. He is not new to video games either as he composed a few pieces for Beyond: Two Souls.

Lorne Balfe’s work is nothing to balk at either. Balfe has worked on such movies as the Sherlock Holmes series starring Robert Downey Jr., The Florida Project, Inception, and Ghost in the Shell. In fact, Balfe also worked on Beyond: Two Souls and Assassin’s Creed III.

Needless to say, their involvement in Bless Online is sure to make a little bit a history and elevate the game above all other MMOs. Music isn’t the only thing the game has going for it and if you want to find out more, check out the Bless Online: Release Date, Classes, Gameplay, & More below.

Bless Online Release Date

Developers Neowiz have stated that Bless Online will enter Early Access on Steam sometime in May 2018. They plan on the game being in Early Access for only a year, but stress that it won’t end until “we and our players are satisfied with all of the game’s content.” As such, a full release date should not be expected for another year or two.

Bless Online Early Access

What will be in the Early Access version?

Neowiz is a bit vague on what they will include in the Early Access version of Bless Online, but it sounds like they will offering the majority of the game, save for some end-game content and more language support. Neowiz expects there will be quite a few changes to the game once it is released into Early Access, so they don’t want to say what exactly will be staying and what won’t.

Early Access Prices

Neowiz has not released a price point for Bless Online in Early Access or what it will be upon full release; it might change, it might not. When it is announced, you can be sure it will be right here on Heavy.

Bless Online Emissary Program

The Bless Online Emissary program is for any content creators (from video production to canary), active community members, and the press. If you would like to join the program, you still can, though it is too late to be selected for the press conference on May 11, 2018 in San Francisco.

If you have been selected, however, you will be provided the “opportunity to test out and stream Bless Online’s Steam EA version” for the first time. Those selected will be announced May 9, 2018 via email and discord.

All emissaries will be given exclusive access to test servers, be the first to know about any major updates, join special events (online and offline), in-game goodies, and free promotion for all of the content you give them.

As such, it is up to each emissary to be a part of the community in any of the following ways: create regular content about Bless, provide any and all feedback to improve the game and community, host community events, or manage the Bless wiki with the latest information. Please keep in mind that joining the emissary program requires that you agree to an NDA.

If you would like to join, please follow this link and chose the option that applies to you.

Bless Online Steam Page

Need to put Bless Online on your wishlist? Check out Bless Online’s Steam page right here and be sure to click that follow button too. All trailers and gameplay images are available there, as well as most updates to Bless Online, Early Access information, and some information on the gameplay you can look forward to. The Early Access version has not released yet, but it will likely be sometime this month.

Bless Online News

The latest news from the developers of Bless Online will be right here as it comes. The most recent update included details about the classes available, listed below. Otherwise, the press conference coming up May 11, 2018 is sure to bring more game footage and information, this section will be updated to reflect any news from the event and beyond.

Bless Online Combat Classes


The Guardian class is your sword and shield warrior, with classic moves like slash, shield bash, and intimidate. There is more to the class, however, as Neowiz has their own take on how a Guardian should function; every time you achieve a combo, you will gain bravery.

Bravery works a bit like mana does for a mage and once the meter is full, the guardian can use the “Enhance” effect. “Enhance” is a working title for the effect, but it is essentially a buff to all of your stats. There’s a trick to it, however, as the player must successfully use the Enhance effect or “debuffs” will be applied.


As the name suggests, the Berserker class is for those players that prefer a brutal fight. Neowiz has revealed two of the main abilities associated with this class, Blood Leech and Bleed.

When Blood Leech is activated, the player will gain health for any damage they inflict (the more damage, the more health you’ll get) and reduce any damage the player might receive. Bleed is the opposite and uses a portion of your health to inflict more damage on enemies.

The Berserker is not just a one-track class either, players will be able to choose between three specializations: Deadly, Defensive, and Balanced. The intention behind these specializations is to give players more options depending on their play style. Defensive, for example, will allow Berserkers to become sub-tankers.


As with most Ranger classes, the Bless Online version sports focus (the longer you draw your bow, the more powerful the strike) and arrow rain. However, like Guardians have a Bravery meter, Rangers have a Prudence meter.

Gaining Prudence is about stance switches and minimizing movement, the less you move, the more damage you will deal. Rangers can be completely invisible until they attack, making it easier to approach the enemies’ back and find a good vantage point. Neowiz is still working on balancing this class, the Prudence abilities, and how Prudence will affect combat.


Get those combos down and your Paladin could be the most the powerful warrior on the field. The Paladin class includes special skills like a performance buff, the more combos you get in, the more of a buff you’ll have.

You can hone these skills into being either a healer or “damage dealer.” That said, combos are a little harder to achieve with the Paladin and it is important that the player chooses the right buff to win the battle.

Paladins are all about strategy and powerful attacks. Needless to say, Paladins are especially useful in a party, as they have both a ranged healing spell and one that can be directed at themselves and one other player.


Last but not least, we have the Mage. All Mages can have power over fire, ice, and air. With each of these elements comes a particular set of skills, which can give buffs with combos, stances, and consuming materials.

In battle, Mages will have to choose their element carefully as each enemy is weak to certain type. As seen in the video above, the air element can be used to blast enemies away if they get too close, fire is an AOE spell, ice has both AOE and a blast to freeze distant enemies.

Bless Online Factions


To avoid confusion, let’s clear up what Heiron actually refers to. Bless is the continent both Heiron and the Union factions live on. The Herion faction controls the northern half of Bless, including the Holy Empire.

The Holy Empire is a section of Heiron controlled land that is led by the Habicht (the word for humans who are a part of the Heiron faction). The Habicht are at the forefront of the Heiron faction, working hard to expand the empire and bring stability to the lands around them.

This faction is not necessarily the “good” side by any means, but they do have a tenacious focus on order through proper governance. Headed by humans, Heiron includes two other official races, the Sylvan Elf, and Lupus. It is not clear if choosing your race will have an impact on which faction you choose, or if these races are simply the world-official ones.


As the Heiron control the northern half of Bless, so the Union has a hold on the southern half. The Union faction is headed by the Amistad (humans who are a part of the Union) and their kingdom is called the Lumen Empire.

The Lumen Empire was once prosperous, much like the current Holy Empire, but it fell to ruin after a “magical catastrophe.” The resulting broken city-states were rescued by the Heiron Holy Empire, benefiting from the Heiron’s governance and stability. Now, however, the Union wishes to take back what was once theirs.

The Amistad Federation formed in order to begin this take back, this “war of independence” if you will. As their successes increased, more and more city-states united under the same banner – eventually forming the Union Alliance.

The official Union races include the Amistad, Aqua Elves, and Pantera (the panthers to Lupus’ wolves). Though the Mascu (the wandering merchants of Bless) are considered to be the more neutral race, they can be found on either side of the war.

Bless Online Gameplay

bless online release date

The gameplay of Bless Online boasts a world-class character creation system, with everything from punk fashion to traditional fantasy RPG looks – you can make the character you’ve always envisioned.

It’s not all about looking cool either, Bless Online has a vast world for players to explore and get lost in. The creatures you can encounter are many and varied, as you might have noticed in the above combat videos.

The design of each monster is lovingly crafted, making each fight feel extremely satisfactory and fun. In addition, almost every monster you encounter can be tamed to be your mount or pet.

If the world isn’t enough, there are also plenty of dungeons for players to crawl through. Neowiz promises that each of these will be challenging and very rewarding to any who dare enter. That is to say nothing of the “massive multiplayer” part – players can start with a simple duel between opposing faction members, but it can build to an all-out 100v100 war.

Bless Online Microtransactions

First of all, Bless Online is a game that must be bought with real money, it is not free-to-play. Second, after you’ve bought the game there will be no monthly fees. The developers have not decided on the final price yet, or if it will differ from the Early Access price. Once they do, it will be posted on this page.

Thirdly, there will be microtransactions but they will be entirely cosmetic, such as skins, mounts, pets, and consumables. There are no experience point bundles or leveling up fees here, Bless Online is not going to be a pay-to-win model.

There are, of course, in-game rewards and packs you can purchase if you’d like to contribute to Bless Online’s development. Purchasing the Founder’s Pack will grant you advanced access to the Early Access version of the game. Again, however, there are no confirmed dates for the Early Access period.