BCS Schools to offer online program

OAK HARBOR — Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools already offers traditional classrooms.

Now get ready to experience a new digital learning environment.

District officials recently committed to engaging its student body with a collection of digital-based education opportunities. Packaged together, the program is called Rocket Launch.

“This program represents our commitment to serve the needs of all students,” district superintendent Guy Parmigian said. “Not all students learn the same way, and this program provides an online curriculum with a network of support.”

The online initiative can replace traditional face-to-face learning opportunities in hopes of helping students prepare for college or a career.

Parmigian said he wants the district to build upon this initiative by modeling a curriculum from other successful online schools. For instance, one of the draws for online schooling includes flexibility for students.

“We could give some students, who need it, an option to work from home, in school or a combination of both,” Parmigian said. “We would also offer all the traditional resources of the school, which includes counseling, career preparation and access to internships and job shadowing.”

Parmigian said the district established an online education program a number of years ago, but it was reduced in recent years.

The district decided to re-enact the online programs after teachers noticed several students left Oak Harbor to enroll in online charter schools.

“In some cases, that was the best decision for that child and their family,” Parmigian said. “But we want to be able to offer an online alternative, and this is our attempt to do that.”

The Rocket Launch program kicks off this semester. Parents who think their child should enroll are encouraged to call their building principals