The Best Country To Study Abroad In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

So, you’re thinking about studying abroad. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you just can’t pass up. Falling in love with the world is one of the best feelings, and I probably talk about my semester in Florence way too much. But, it was completely unreal right down to every cappuccino, and my wanderlust has been so real ever since. The best country to study abroad in isn’t so straight-forward, until you look to the stars. There’s a place on this planet for every zodiac sign — so, get your passport and plane tickets ready.

Your wanderlust has probably already taken you so many places in this world, but nothing quite compares to living in a foreign country for an entire semester. Suddenly, you become one of the locals and find yourself calling this new city your home. You’ll remember the streets long after you leave, and be sharing stories just to remind yourself it wasn’t just a dream. Seriously, pinch me. It still doesn’t feel real.

Sure, school has its perks, but you’re in serious need of new surroundings to explore. Whether you study abroad for a semester, or for just a few weeks over break — please, make it work. And if you’re struggling to choose a country to call home, leave it up to your lucky stars to get you where you need to go.

You’re an adventurer, Aries. A place that can match your immense amount of energy and feed your fiery soul will be best for studying abroad.

School has always come pretty easy to you. When you’re assigned a group project, you tend to take it over and lead your partners to a good grade. Presentations and public speaking don’t scare you, and gym class growing up was a breeze. To be honest, you were probably one of those people who treated the mile run like an Olympic sprinting competition.

Australia will give you so much opportunity to experience exotic things. Maybe you start your semester scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or climb the bridge in Sydney. You love a good challenge, and you’ll find so much activity in this country.

Art is in the air, Taurus. According to the stars, you should study abroad in one of my favorite countries. (Seriously feeling so jealous.) Italy has so much love and beauty to show you. You love the finer things in life — a gourmet meal, a blooming flower, and a designer handbag. But, you also love to work for these things, and know that with a little patience and passion you can land whatever you want in life.

No matter where you wander in this country, you’ll find yourself meeting people with the same mindset. The man that works at the sandwich shop down the street will make you the most perfect panini, and also hates to be away on vacation. Be sure to pack some unexpected things like a bathing suit!

The city of love is calling your name, Gemini. You’re commonly known for being the two-faced sign, and this country will speak to whatever side you choose to show. If you’re feeling energetic and curious, you might check out a city like Paris. But, if you need the fresh air and to be with your thoughts, you can settle along the coast in Antibes or Cannes for the semester.

France is full of art and inspiration, and you’ll being falling head over heels for your movie-like life. Walking down the cobblestone paths, and spending hours in the afternoon sitting by the Eiffel Tower sounds like a daydream. You’re forever on the search for a place or person that makes you feel complete, and there’s so much going on in this country that your feet and your mind will be constantly wandering.

Studying abroad might sort of scare you, Cancer. Truth be told, you don’t like strange places and unfamiliar faces very much, and can have a hard time making friends. You’re the homebody amongst your crew, and so spending a semester in a foreign country is absolutely out of your comfort zone. So, the stars think you should travel to a place that will instantly feel welcoming.

Ireland is full of pubs, coffee shops, and quaint city streets. Maybe you study in Cork, or settle in the capital of Dublin. If you’re there for St. Patrick’s Day, you’re surely in for a treat. It won’t take much convincing once you’re in this country to stay awhile. The people are incredibly friendly, and the live music will warm your heart and speak to your soul.

Stick with your wildest imaginations when you study abroad, and say yes to everything. It’s always worth a try.

Leo, you were so lucky to be born in the summertime. When the weather’s warm everybody’s just in a better mood and ready to make memories. It’s no wonder a place like South Africa, that’s forever in the sun, is written in your lucky stars.

You have so much energy and are incredibly outgoing and open to the most adventurous experiences. During your semester you’ll want to take a safari and probably do some hiking, too. Life’s a climb, but your lion sign will love the views and all the people you meet along the way.

You’ll surely get to the know the locals while you’re studying abroad because you’re so social. Bring back some of their stories, too. They’re always worth sharing.

Surround yourself in a lot of nature this semester, Virgo. Studying abroad gives you the chance to completely change your spaces. Maybe you have a million plants and pets at home, but nothing will quite compare to giving yourself up to the jungle and living amongst the mountains of Central America.

Spend some time wandering through the rainforests and zip lining through the sky. You’ve always been one to remember the little things people say, so you’ll surely make the most detailed memories and bring back the most elaborate stories from your days. As an Earth sign, you need a place with picture-perfect landscapes instead of bustling streets. Find your new home right here.

Libra: Switzerland

Peace and love, Libra. Studying abroad comes with its stress. I mean, all that paperwork and buying plane tickets can be so tedious and terrible. But, once you land in Switzerland, your soul will be instantly satisfied.

With stunning lakes, snowy mountains, and cities that look more like a Christmas village than a skyscraper light show — this country is effortlessly lovely. You’ll enjoy paragliding through the Alps, and getting some fresh air while you ski down the slopes. This place is known for being neutral in nature, and you hate conflict or criticism. So, call it your hom

Scorpio, you’re jet setting to Spain. This beautiful country has so much culture, and you can’t get enough of it already. You could spend the semester in Barcelona with beautiful beaches, Picasso paintings, and mosaic-lined monuments. Or you could head to Madrid and surround yourself with soccer fans and nightlife that will having you dancing until dawn.

You’re an incredibly passionate person, so picking a place with so much light and life is a no-brainer. From the fresh fruit smoothies in the markets, to the flags that flow off of the buildings, there’s color everywhere and you’re going to be so content. Follow what the stars say and maybe order an extra plate of paella while you’re at it.

Sagittarius: Greece

Get yourself to the Greek, Sagittarius. Out of all the star signs, your travel bug is the best (or worse, depending on how you look at it.) You’re not a rookie to getting your passport stamped, and have been thinking about studying abroadsince high school. Picking one place is honestly your problem, because there’s so much you want to see and do in this world. According to the stars, you love philosophy and want to use this semester to do a little soul-searching.

Maybe you’ll settle on the island of Santorini, or choose to appreciate all the history in Athens. The greatest philosophers of our time come from this country, and you’ll love immersing yourself in the stories of mythology and realizing those roots.

Capricorn: England

You’re incredibly independent, Capricorn. So, studying abroad seems like a breeze, and you know you’ll be just fine traveling solo. Being so self-sufficient has gotten you so far in life, and now it will help you make some incredible memories.

Sure, you’ll absolutely miss home, but only because that’s where your close friends and family are. England will show you so much experience, but also that structure that makes you feel safe. The language isn’t any different, and their ties are firmly knit, too. You could spend the semester in London like many study abroad students tend to do, or check out Manchester or Glastonbury. Wherever you go, it’s going to be good.

Aquarius: Hungary

You’re original, Aquarius. Out of all your friends, you’re most willing to try something new and go off the beaten path. That’s particularly important when you’re traveling, because it keeps you from falling into tourist traps. Your study abroad experience won’t be like everyone else’s, and it’ll probably be a much more worthwhile trip as well.

I hope you brought an appetite for adventure, because according to the stars, you’re going to Hungary. (That was such a dad joke. So sorry.) You’ll most likely be staying in Budapest, which according to songwriters like George Ezra — it’s a total “hidden treasure chest.” Where some study abroad students will be making weekend trips to European beaches, you’ll be wading in the thermal baths and hitting up underground bars. This city is unique, like you. Don’t sleep on such a sight.

Pisces: India

Follow your deepest intuitions, Pisces, and study abroad in India. Normally it’s Sagittarius that’s known for being philosophical, but you’re incredibly wise as well. People and places that are rooted in spirituality or strong beliefs speak to your soul the most. So, this country will be easy to call home.

You’ll leave your trip with a new perspective and feeling immensely refreshed. Maybe you’ll go on a yoga retreat while you’re there, or just learn the art of meditation. The culture is so unlike anything you’ve ever known, and you’ll want to immerse yourself in it all. There’s just some things that only travel can teach you — and while you’re in Asia, you might even hop to Bali or the Philippines to make the most of your stay.

Studying abroad is an adventure and you have to give yourself to it. Follow your wanderlust and let the world spark your soul this semester.