Software Engineer dominates the top jobs list globally for pay, quality of life, and opportunities for advancement. This XSeries teaches fundamental software engineering skills using Ruby on Rails , JavaScript and Agile methodology, to qualify you for these in-demand jobs with high pay, satisfaction and growth potential. This XSeries introduces Agile using a “learn by doing” approach in which you use the same tools and techniques as professionals, like test-driven development, behavior-driven design, continuous integration, and continuous deployment onto the public cloud. Agile is used by 60-80% of all programming teams, and by the majority of programming teams distributed across the globe.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply fundamental Ruby on Rails programming techniques to the design, development, testing, and public cloud deployment of an Software as a Service (SaaS) application
  • How modern programming language features in Ruby on Rails can improve productivity and code maintainability through techniques like Behavior Driven Design and Test Driven Development
  • How to use JavaScript to enhance applications and create more sophisticated apps by adding relationships between models within the Ruby on Rails framework
  • How to practice deployment of apps to real users, including how to monitor performance, identify and fix common performance problems, and avoid compromising customer data
  • How to apply Agile techniques to enhance and refactor legacy code to become a true Ruby on Rails developer
“An excellent launch pad for learning modern web development and quality software engineering. “