5 Remarkable Tips For Writing A Unique Blog

How to Write a Killer Blog Post in Under 60 Minutes (Yes, Really)

Writing a unique blog is such an important task these days. Part of the reason is that the internet is flooded with blogs and articles.

So, if you write an ordinary blog, it will be lost among the lots and lots of other common blogs and no one pays any attention to it.

Therefore, writing a unique blog or article is important to stand out among the competition.

For this, you have to consider one thing to write a blog post that no one else is writing. Also creating blog posts continuously and consistently is the key.

We have dived into details to compile all the techniques to write a unique blog. Make sure to follow these tactics to be the best blog writer.

1. Structure Of The Blog Matters

The first and foremost tip that should be kept in mind while writing a blog is that structure of the blog should be considered.

It is the first thing that strikes the reader along with the title.

Structure or the outline alone makes the reader decide whether he will invest the time reading this particular blog.

I. Create An Outline

Creating an outline is an underrated step while writing the blog. Whether you are writing an essay, blog, or article, outline plays a major role in defining the fate of the blog.

An outline saves you a lot of time. It should consist of headings and subheadings that you are going to include in the blog.

It also lets you decide beforehand what the article or blog should include or not.

Creating an interesting outline keeps you away from writing the unwanted details in the blog.

Therefore, we cannot recommend you enough about outlining starting the blog. For this purpose, a notebook or an easier way is to use the Google Docs application.

II. Write Short And Simple Sentences

If you want to make a statement through your blogs, it is important to use simple and easy vocabulary.

Using difficult complicated sentences will not benefit either you as a writer and not your readers as well.

Also, know your target audience. It makes a lot of difference what kind of age group you are writing for.

Not everybody has English as their native language, therefore, simple writing technique is a win-win situation for everyone.

 III. Add Bullets

Bullets are a great way of presenting the blog adequately. It makes the writing concise and keeps the reader engaged.

You would most likely focus on the important details if you add bullets. The message will be conveyed precisely and easily as compared to the details that are listed in the sentences.

The example can be seen below

Visual engagement is the most effective way of increasing the traffic of the blog. People understand the content of the blog better if there is visual aid available.

You can add graphs to explain the statistics of any kind. Be sure that the graphs are easy to understand and not very complicated.

Let’s understand this with an example we plot a graph between total visitors on the site vs unique visitors the results are as follows

A reader usually decides in a matter of seconds whether they want to read an article or not.

Therefore, including an eye-catching image is a great chance for you to increase the readership of the article.

V. Create Killer Headings And Subheadings

Hooking your audience from the start is a great idea to engage the readers for the long term.

Spend a few minutes making good headings and subheadings of the blog. It will make the structure of the article look good and attractive.

Subheadings make the reader see the point of the topic and make sense of the content easier.

2.Dive Into Details

Details matter a lot in every writing piece. It is true for blogs and articles.

A detailed and researched review on any topic is more likely to engage and interest the readers.

I. Make A Killer Opening Statement

The opening statement of any essay or blog is the key point and it is just as important as the content of the blog.

Anyone who wishes to engage the readers from the start should work on having the best opening statement or even the first paragraph is really important.

II. Research Is Underrated

Having a researched and well-thought article is always going to be valuable for the reader. We suggest the writers study the background of the topic of the blog and then start outlining.

A researched blog speaks for itself and outshines. When you make proper research for a topic, you can have more ideas about that.

It can be easy for you to convey the message to readers and make the content easily understandable for them.

III. Make A Rough Draft

Making a rough draft before writing the final blog is always a good idea and saves the writer a lot of precious time.

You will see the advantage of making the draft when a lot of unnecessary details get skimmed in the final blog.

IV. Brainstorm Your Ideas About A Good Topic

A good topic makes a unique blog. Nothing beats the selection of a good topic. While selecting the topic make sure to keep in mind few things.

Always choose the topic that will interest more readers. We suggest you spend a few minutes choosing the topic. A good topic automatically marks the success of the blog.

Confused between the two topics? No, problem. You should take a glance at the google trending topics.

For example, in the United States, Chinese New Year is one of the most popular daily trends. So, you should be covering the topics related to it.

The reason behind this is that the people who are interested in Chinese New year news might be interested in the products or ideas related to it.

They are the ones usually which are most searched and googled by the users. So, they will more likely to read a blog on that topic too.

3. Ask Questions In The Blog

 Use a conversational tone while writing the blog. This way people relate to the content as well as with the writer.

This tone down the seriousness of the topic as well. The blog will resonate with more readers.

I. Ask The Relevant Questions

One way of keeping the mood light of the article is by asking questions? A question like, Have you ever come across this issue? Or do you know you can solve this issue in just a few minutes? Try this hack. Etc.

These kinds of questions intrigue the interest of the readers. Ask these questions in the blog and then answer as well.

II. Use Conversational Language

The writing style of the blog matters more than you think. It does make a lot of difference how to choose a blog for writing.

Either it is descriptive, formal, or conversational. In our opinion, the conversational style of writing is most likely to attract the readers most.

Use the words that you use while speaking to someone else. The reader should feel like they speaking to someone rather than reading a blog post. It should be like having a one-to-one conversation.

III. Engage In Social Media

Answering readers’ comments under the comment section on the blog or either on social media is a great way of engaging the audience.

The comment section on the website is always a plus and has a positive effect on the website.

It increases the traffic on the website as people feel validated if they see their comments or queries being answered.

Also, social media is a great platform to reach a bigger audience. You can share your blogs on Facebook or Instagram.

These are the most popular social media websites right now. Another good social media platform is Twitter.

 IV. Use The First-Person Pronouns

The use of correct pronouns is really important while writing a blog. Usually, it is suggested to use first-person pronouns like I, We and You, etc.

Using correct pronouns is also an extension of using the conversational tone in blogs.

4.Enhance Your SEO Skills

Only writing the content is not enough. The website on which you are uploading also matters equally.

If the website’s interface is not pleasing enough, no amount of good content going to pull the traffic of the readers.

So, make sure to put any effort into optimizing the website in the best way possible. A few SEO tips that are going to help the blog rank higher on the internet are mentioned below;

I. Focus On Keywords

Every blog should at least have 2 focus keywords. Keywords are the words that are most searched by the users about any topic.

There are special tools developed to search for the perfect keyword. These tools thoroughly search the title and give the user multiple keywords from which they can select.

These keywords make the article appear on the top of the search bar when people search a query with these keywords.

II. Pay Attention To The Word Count

Just like keywords, the word count of the blog also matters a lot. It is usually suggested to keep the blog between 1000-2000 words. Keep the content to the point. No one has the time to read lengthy blogs and articles.

People usually read the blog for the information they are looking for. They do not read it for the sake of reading or the love of reading.

Therefore, it is suggested to keep the blog as scan-able as possible. People should be able to skim through the information. This is the reason that bullets and headings should be added.

III. Optimized Images

Optimized images in the blog level up your SEO game. An optimized image means that picture should be blog-related and of proper size and dimensions. Every image should have a proper description or caption.

IV. Keep Track Of The Trafficking

Along with writing a good blog, trafficking of the website should be considered seriously as well. Keep a track of what increases or decreases the traffic of the website.

5. Use SEO Blogging Tools

SEO blogging tools are great to help for users. There is number of things and task that can be done with the help of these tools.

You need to write in bulk and create content continuously. With the help of these tools such as article rewriters or paraphrasing tools, you can now rewrite as much content as you want.

I. Paraphrasing Tools

As a content writer, you can also get help from these AI tools. They lead to produce the content in bulk and as a writer, you don’t need to think much for an article to write.

For this purpose, you can use a paraphrase generator. Some of them are free and some of them are paid.

The basic thought behind the development of these tools is that these tools are they change the synonyms of the sentences.

Sometimes, the active voices are changed into passive voices. This way the meaning of the sentences remains the same but the structure changes.

Let us try a paraphrasing tool, as you can see in the image below, that it has paraphrased the paragraph and highlighted the changes.

To not have any plagiarized content in the blog should be the main concern of any writer. Having plagiarized content can damage the ranking of the website. To solve this problem, one should check the plagiarism of the blog before final upload on the website.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is one of the great online tools for checking plagiarism. It gives you results in just a few seconds. The final report can also be downloaded.

One of the best features is that plagiarism of the files can be checked free of cost and plagiarism of 1000 words can be checked in one go.

Other plagiarism checkers that can also be used are Editpad, plagiarism checker, and check-plagiarism online tool.

Both of these website tools are also free to use and have really simple interfaces. Any user can easily use them to check the plagiarism from their files.

III. Grammar Checkers

Bad grammar is a major turnoff in any writing. People are bound to make some grammatical mistakes and it does not matter how experienced the writer is.

Sometimes these mistakes are accidental. Therefore, it is suggested to use grammar checkers online to make the content grammatically correct.

As seen below, the tool has highlighted the spelling mistakes in red and grammatical errors in yellow.