Importance of Visualization in Maths

Maths is considered to be one of the mysterious languages as no one knows when it came into existence, but recent studies have proved that it is the language with which nature communicates with us. Everything in this world follows a fixed pattern. Thus, it can be said that every object in this universe is related to this subject in some or the other way.

The ultimate goal of making students to understand the concept of mathematics by applying skills and understanding the concept is to let them visualize the concepts with the real world rather than just memorizing the procedure.

Here are some of the important tips which help in understanding the subject in a better manner-

(i) Relating to the real world: The concepts of maths are difficult to understand, thus by relating them to the real world will definitely help in getting a better conceptual knowledge. This would also help to retain the topics for a long duration. For example, topics like Vectors are helpful in determining the location of a person from a reference point thus having a real life application in Google Maps.

(ii) Effective class planning: A good start is almost half done, in a similar way the first five minutes of the class can be set to give the brief introduction about the entire lesson to know the purpose of the class so as to have a clear picture of what will be occurring. Finally, at the end, one or more problems on the topics would help to reveal the students to analyze them. This type of learning would help in preparation for the new concepts.

(iii) More than one approach to problem-solving:The best classroom is the one which motivates creative ideas. The one in which the teacher encourages students and comes up with more than one possible solution. We already know there can be more than one method for any questions thus learning them would help students to develop their method and share the correct steps with the class. This is a very powerful learning tool.

(iv) Learning through Video: The new method of learning includes learning through video lectures. This type of learning has benefits like time-saving, portability, can also help students learn according to their pace, and the most important is having a better understanding of the concept. Topics like Calculus, Geometry etc. requires the graphical approach which can be easily understood by the visual method.

All these concepts focus on understanding the concepts rather than only memorizing the formulas.
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