To the Seaside, to Study

Students from 30 countries have applied to Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in 2016.

Most applications have been submitted for engineering, medical and economics programs as well as courses in Russian language and literature.

Since FEFU is located in the Russian Far East, most foreign students come from Asia Pacific. However, some applicants have come from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the CIS.

International student cohort at FEFU is expected to reach 3,000 people in 2016/2017 (or 500 more than the last year). Compared to 2011, foreign student ranks quintupled and the number of countries they come from more than tripled. The university plans to have around 7,500 foreign students by 2020.

9 schools of FEFU offer over 150 education programs and run joint programs with 100 partner universities around the world. Besides, FEFU has a unique (and most modern!) campus located on the coast of the Sea of Japan.



[Source: Studyinrussia]