Millennials lack critical skills to succeed in a career: Survey

Millenials lack critical skills to succeed in a career: Survey

Indian millennials are not equipped with the skills they need to be successful in the careers of tomorrow, a survey conducted by HBR Ascend, an online learning platform for students, has found.

The survey conducted among 18 to 34-year-olds was based on the responses of 1,700 candidates from various industries across the country. The objective of the survey was to understand the challenges faced by the young Indian workforce and the key skills they need to excel in today’s dynamic workplace.

According to the survey, 40.33 per cent of the respondents said their biggest barrier to performing more effectively at the workplace is “excessive workload.” The second biggest barrier cited was ‘office politics,’ (39.17 per cent). While millennials appear to be quite confident of the technical skills needed to carry out their jobs, softer skills such as stress management, negotiation or persuasion that are needed to deal with excessive workload and office politics is not something you learn in school or while doing your higher education.

The survey highlights the lack of four key skills that are critical in dealing with vulnerabilities of a modern day workplace – emotional intelligence, stress management, persuasion and analytical thinking.