Meritocracy launches in the UK

Best-fit talent acquisition startup helps businesses recruit the right candidates while cutting traditional costs associated with building teams.

Meritocracy, the platform that optimises the recruiting process, today announced its expansion into the UK. Already attracting significant attention from multinationals including Vodafone, IKEA, Samsung and Ticketmaster, Meritocracy is a new breed of recruitment service that focuses on making the best matches between job seekers and businesses.

Talent acquisition just became a lot more enjoyable, as Meritocracy gives companies the opportunity to show exactly what it’s like to work with them. Fly on the wall style docu-videos, photography and interviews with key members of staff contribute to a business profile that truly reflects day to day life within the company.

With a firm foothold in the Italian market, Meritocracy’s innovative portal provides a rare insight into any one company using multimedia to create engaging content. The recruitment company then conceives creative marketing campaigns across multiple social channels to attract the best candidates. Their visually comprehensive approach enables companies to communicate a clear vision, sharing their corporate culture and showcasing what makes them unique and desirable.

Meritocracy optimises the recruitment process with a proprietary technology applied to its approach. The algorithm:

  • Selects the candidates who best match the preferences of the company, automating the selection process;
  • Notifies the top 5% of candidates identified as suitable;
  • Optimises each individual advertising campaign so that only the best fit talent are targeted.

Focused on quality and not quantity, Meritocracy is attracting a black book of some of the world’s brightest young talent keen to make their next professional move. With aspiration over location at the core of its mission, opportunities are based on skills rather than cities, ensuring that potential candidates are not limited by geography.

The company’s disruptive approach to recruitment enhances the job seekers experience and enables businesses to attract the best fitting talent, cutting back traditionally high “churn rates” of candidates joining a company and then leaving within a year as the position or firm was not right.

With its game-changing approach Meritocracy is able to halve the cost and time it takes to recruit for the best candidates, generating a conversion rate from users that is up to 90% higher than the average.

According to a survey published on behalf of Glassdoor, 67% of employers believe retention rates would be higher if candidates had a clearer picture of what to expect about working at the company before taking the job. With its disruptive technology, Meritocracy is addressing this challenge for matching the right talent with the right business.

Riccardo Galli, Co Founder & CEO, Meritocracy, said, “We believe that providing a comprehensive insight into a company before interviewing, is the first step to nurturing a loyal millennial workforce. The recruitment process in 2016 is increasingly dependent on tapping into the vision held by both candidates and businesses and there is an urgent need to effectively communicate workplace values. In order for recruitment to be as effective as possible, businesses need to bridge the current information gap that exists between them and potential candidates so that time and money is not wasted on recruiting the wrong candidates to the wrong company, and likewise so that candidates stand a better chance of selecting the right environments for them. Meritocracy has the technology that enables us to introduce the best fit talent to companies, optimizing social media and strategic social marketing techniques.”

[Source:- Onrec]