Mandarin Month: Global Mandarin School Provides Budget, Friendly Online Classes

Mandarin Month: Global Mandarin School Provides Budget, Friendly Online Classes

Elena Yang was highly motivated to open Global Mandarin (see Global Mandarin’s Facebook here, VPN required) in 2015 because she wanted to witness students learning to love the Chinese language. “Global Mandarin was created to fill a gap in the market by providing fun, personalized Mandarin lessons for both businesses and individuals,” according to the company’s brochure.

Yang is not only the founder and CEO of Global Mandarin but also a highly dedicated teacher who loves what she does. As a certified Teach Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) teacher with over six years working experience, she noticed that language learning environments in China are often very formal and restrictive. Her desire to change this was the driving force for her to start her own company.

Teachers Santa and Yang (second and third from left) share cake with their students

“I love being able to do this because I want to bring my passion for languages to new people. Being self-taught in English I was looking for a way to help others learn my mother tongue and create a place where people can be supported and nurtured, helping to boost their enjoyment of my country,” said Yang.

Yang set up her company so that online learners could connect to professional teachers from anywhere in the world. The primary modes of her online teaching services are WeChat video and Skype, allowing busy individuals who aren’t available for face-to-face classes nor are Beijing-based to participate in their free time. The other great thing about the online classes is that they’re generally cheaper and great for those on a limited budget. The school so far taught over 100 clients because of the diverse services offered that cater to the specific needs of their clients.

“It is beyond the restriction of time and space, our students can choose to have class whenever they want and wherever they want, as long as they have a computer or smartphone,” said Yang.

A student enjoys her one-on-one class

Global Mandarin’s approach to online learning is characterized by the following:

1. Flexibility
The class schedule is very flexible, allowing students to reschedule with their teacher in the event of unforeseen circumstances at no extra charge.
2. Professional
The school’s professional and dedicated teachers understand the difference between face-to-face class and online class, therefore they are better equipped at helping students who are interested in online classes, providing practical suggestions and advice.
3. Comfort
The school pursues the comfort of user experience, which means the student can find their comfort zone to make the learning process easier because they don’t have to become familiar with their new surrounding.

The benefits of the online classes are:

1. Cost effective
The online costs are more cost effective because students don’t have to budget for the additional transportation fees on top of their tuition fees.
2. Flexibility
Student can reschedule classes so as to fit their schedule.
3. Affordable prices
Lower than pricing than face-to-face classes.
4. Freedom
A student is allowed to pick and choose what he/she wants to learn and work with the teacher to adapt it to the student’s overall vision.
5. Attitude
For the teachers, their job is to help students master the Chinese language and form lasting bonds with their students.

Here are steps to applying to the online classes:
Step 1: Contact Yang (check below for contact details) for the price then schedule a one-hour free trial lesson.
Step 2: Add the teacher on Skype or WeChat.
Step 3: Have your one-hour free trial lesson.
Step 4: Contact Yang again for hours and prices.
Step 5: Pay for the classes via bank transfer, WeChat, or Alipay.
Step 6: Make a plan with your teacher and start lessons.

A session of the free Mandarin corner has students practicing their language skills

Yang has created a free Mandarin corner every Sunday afternoon from 4-5.30pm in their Jianwai Soho office. The event provides a chance for foreigners to talk to each other in Chinese with teachers on hand to assist where necessary, but their main role is to facilitate. For an additional fee, the school also offers a Chinese calligraphy class every Sunday afternoon from 2-3pm with a professional calligraphy teacher and all materials provided.

To get in touch with Global Mandarin, add Yang’s WeChat: qq1426523708 or call 135 2193 1586 to receive pricing information about all of the services that they offer.