Majority of Indians want their kids to study abroad, open to online degree: Report

A majority of Indian parents want an international education for their children. As per the HSBC Value of Education report, Indian parents are also among the most willing to enroll their child for an online degree with reduced costs seen as the main benefit.

According to HSBC’s partner, the Institute of International Education (IIE), China is the leading country of origin for international higher education students, sending an estimated 801,000 abroad, with India (182,000) and Malaysia (64,000) also exporting significant numbers.

Student numbers

The majority of parents (73 percent) considering university abroad for their child expect to make a significant financial contribution, and estimate the overall average cost of an undergraduate and postgraduate degree abroad to be an estimated USD 157,782 (estimated USD 71,580 for undergraduate and USD 86,202 for postgraduate). Many parents (45 percent) would go further and consider buying a property in the country where their child is studying.