How to judge the quality of any online course before you join one

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It is very important for us to asses everything before investing and enrolling in an online course.

With the emergence of the internet, our lifestyle has been evolving rapidly. The internet has redefined our way to explore and approach certain things.

It has enabled millennials to work according to their personalized needs efficiently and like everything in general, the Internet has revolutionized the education sector too.

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In this modern age, while the old age method of classroom studies is still relevant, online education moves into the mainstream of the higher education ecosystem. But with the inflow of so many players in the market, students are always a bit skeptical about investing in the online education system.

One main criticism about online courses is they are of poor quality. Now with a concern about the quality, how would we judge the quality of online content?

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Henry Harvin Education further enlightens the components of the online education.

4 factors to check out before joining an online course:

1. Trainer:

If the trainer isn’t good, the online course won’t be either.

The trainer’s profile is the most important thing to look out for when you are enrolling for an online course. He should be evaluated on two fronts:

Domain expertise: It is very important to know about the trainer’s expertise in the subject. You must know everything about trainer’s educational background, experience, and accomplishments he has earned over the course of his career.

His domain expertise can be gauged through experience, projects, education, certifications and achievements on Linkedin.

Teaching capability: Teaching is not as easy as it seems, it is a very complicated task.

Having the expertise about the subject is a different thing and being able to teach that is another. It must be fun, innovative and easy to understand.

Teaching capability can be gauged through a number of students he has trained, the number of batches he has conducted over a period of time and the number of special sessions he has attended as a guest speaker in various institutions.

You should give 50:50 weightage of both domain expertise and teaching capability of the trainer.

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2. Content: