How You Can Start Learning a New Language Quickly Before Your Next Trip Abroad

Are you gearing up to take a trip abroad soon and hoping to pick up some of the language before you jet off? Whether you’ve downloaded a Spanish app or started taking French class online, there are several tricks you can use to maximize your time and learn as much as possible before leaving on your next trip. Here are three language-learning tips to help get you speaking as soon as possible!

Understand Your Motivation and Set Specific Linguistic Goals

In order to achieve your language-learning goals, it’s important to make those goals as specific and realistic as possible. The goals you set depend on your motivation – for instance, if you want to hold a basic conversation in a restaurant during your upcoming trip, try to set tangible bars to pass each week. In week one, you can learn basic menu items; in week two, polite phrases, and so on.

Listen to Audiobooks, Music, News and More in Your Target Language

Hearing a language regularly and being immersed in it may help you learn the language much quicker than simply filling out worksheets and other exercises, so even if you’re currently taking a class or using an app, try to listen to the language throughout the day. Turn on some music sung in your target language, listen to the news or download an audiobook to help get you attuned to it.

Start With the Most Practical Phrases for Your Trip

Of course, if part of your motivation for learning a new language is being able to communicate on your trip, you may want to start off by memorizing a few key phrases you’ll use throughout your trip. You can think about the scenarios you’re more likely to encounter while abroad and go from there!

Learning a new language can have strong positive benefits for your next trip abroad and beyond. If you want to make the most of your pre-trip learning time, try these easy tips to start speaking sooner than you may have thought possible.