How to make revision notes for NEET 2022?

How to make revision notes for NEET 2022?

NEET, the National level medical entrance exam for admission in medical courses is certainly difficult, but as we say, it is not impossible. With a few smart steps, you can prepare well for the exam.  The right preparation strategy is the key to clearing NEET with flying colours. Experts suggest it is a wise practice to make personal notes while studying for any competitive exam. It works well for the aspirants.

The personal notes you make while studying also serve as the best last-minute revision tool as you won’t get enough time to revise from the bulky books during the last few days/hours of the exam. This is when the personal notes you prepared come handy and useful.

While there are many students who follow the practice of making notes, there are also many students who consider making personal notes as a time taking and tedious task.

Well, to all of those students, you must recognize the significance of taking notes. Personal notes can be crucial because the activity involves you in the learning process, and when you write what you learn, you ought to remember it longer and better. Also, for the last-minute revision, these notes can be your saviour.

Here, we are sharing a few tips as on how you can create your personal notes in the best way:

Your notes for NEET 2022 should:

  • Be easily comprehensible for your ease during the revision time.
  • Comprise of important points, shortcuts and tricks for your reference
  • Contain all data in a proper sequence to avoid confusions at a later stage.
  • Include data from all books you are going through for the exam preparation (on subject-basis). This will help you revise all books at one time during the last stage of preparation.
  • Be handy to carry and revise
  • Contain numbers. All the important formulas must find a place in your notes.

 P.S: The notes you create once for any subjects will not get outdated. You can follow the same notes for other competitive exams having a similar syllabus.

Best tips to prepare notes for NEET 

  1. Explore and opt for your personal style
    Understand that every student has a different learning style. Some students are strong in visual sense and prefer learning through visual media such as flowcharts, mappings, diagrams etc. Also, some students prefer writing down points and revising constantly. Understand your learning style and make notes accordingly.
  1. Do not get deviated from the syllabus
    The syllabus of NEET 2022 is mostly from the 11 & 12 NCERT books. Make notes mostly from the NCERT textbooks. For topics not found in them, you can refer to other related reliable sources.
  1. Always make notes when you are finished with a topic or chapter
    You must create notes only after thoroughly studying a topic or chapter because, after covering any topic, you will get a better understanding of the topic than in the beginning when you start going through it .
  1. For Physics, important formulas, key derivation points are a must. Include them in your notes and make them crisp and to the point. The notes must not be longer with paragraphs. Whatever you jot down must be in points.
  1. For chemistry, emphasise on organic chemistry. Try making notes from the NCERT books as they do the job fairly. However, key points from other publishers can still be extracted.
  1. For Biology, make notes of the topics that catch you the most confused. Biology consists of a vast syllabus and your notes should cover both your weak and strong areas.

General advices for Notes preparation for NEET 2022 

  •         It is wise to use different colour pens to highlight the points. Use different colours to differentiate   among important concepts
  •         Create your own shortcuts or terms to help you recollect the topics easily
  •         Use A4 size loose sheets to make your notes instead of a notebook.
  •         Make notes in whichever language you feel comfortable to revise later.
  •         Jotting down the text as it is from the books, does not count in the category of notes
  •         Apart from the books, make notes while you are attending any important lecture.

More than any preparation strategy, you must concentrate on maintaining a good physical and mental health. It is more important than any exam.