Hosting a New Year’s Eve party tonight? Count on these top tips

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Are you planning to host your close friends or family tonight? Then, we are sure you must have already made a checklist to avoid any last minute hassles. But, in case you feel stressed out about the fact that you might have missed out something that could ruin the party — we are here to help.

Chef Palak Patel recently took to Instagram to share how one can avoid the stress of the holiday season, especially when hosting a gathering.

“Hosting during the holidays can be stressful but over the years, I’ve found that a little prep work goes a long way! Do not underestimate doing the smallest things ahead of time!” she said in an Instagram post.

As per Patel, these top tips can make a difference.

*Pick your serving dishes out a few days ahead and use sticky notes to designate which items will go in which pieces. Don’t forget the serving utensils too. The notes are great so other people can jump right into help with little direction needed.

*To keep things organised and neat, I love using large trays and caddy’s for plates, cups, napkins etc, she mentioned.

*Use little baggies or containers and place the measured dry spices for each of your recipes in them and label them! “This way when you’re cooking, you don’t need to reach for a million jars and add to the clutter. Such a time saver!”

*I always plan for 2-3 appetisers that can be served fuss-free with no supervision! Things like cheese boards, cold dips, salads, and pinwheels are ideal so guests can start snacking right away while you prep other items.

“And above all, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. People generally care very little about how ‘beautiful’ everything looks versus how much they laugh and smile with the people that feel like home,” she expressed.