Which hair cut will suit you this new-year?

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Each man and in fact each person has a type of face, features or facial contour so that they will have a type of hairstyle or cut that will be better or worse depending on whether they are oval, square or triangular in shape. But before that you must search for the best barber shop, where you can get the best hair style of this year, only the professional hair designers can understand the significance of a good hair style. The mistake,which men usually do while selecting the perfect haircut is to look very much at the trends that may be worn by celebrities or internet top 10, but then realize that they are not the same .

The best haircuts for men according to your type of face

One of the hairstyles for men that are most fashionable lately, are the cuts of the “spiky” with bangs and hair up, as well as the shaved cuts, but this does not mean that everyone can wear them since you have to distinguish between different forms of face and hence the hair can stay better or worse depending on whether you take it right to your facial type.To know what kind of face you have, what you should do is put all your hair back that there is nothing left on your face, look in the mirror and examine your lines on your face.

Once you know the type of face you have, it’s time to choose the haircut that best suits your face type. You can see the seven basic forms of diamond, oval, rectangular, round, elongated, square and triangular shape. For each of them you will get a cut and comb option or a suggestion of which styles can be the best. You can’t change your hair style for different occasion for at least 3 months. So, the trick is to get the best suit haircut that will be perfect fit for office party, corporate meetings and dating with your girlfriend.

Conclusion:What you need?

If you want to know how to comb your hair and get your style right, it is essential that you know if your face is more oval or square or if you have, for example, a more or less long face. With this you can also know how to choose a good cut. In fact a good stylist or hairdresser will know how to cut a man’s hair depending on the type of face the have. If you look at the types of hairstyles that many men wear, you will realize that those that best fit are the ones that best combine with the corresponding features.