Features You Should Look For In Live Interactive Classes For NEET Preparation


The Indian education sector has seen a significant growth since the advent of the internet and introduction of technology-based learning. The availability of various digital tools helps the students go beyond the traditional ways while studying hard for the competitive examinations.

Scoring a great result in NEET is getting tough as the competition is increasing at a rapid rate every year. This increased competition calls for hard-core planning to crack NEET. From study materials to the faculty and the learning mode, everything should be weighed well before making a choice. Thankfully, with the increased competition there is also an increase in the methods of learning – one of them being live interactive classes. By opting for NEET 2019 online coaching, students can give their preparation a solid backing while saving a lot of time that goes into commuting. However, before signing up for online coaching, they must look for certain features that make it the best.

Here is a list of features that differentiate between a good and an average online coaching class. Take a look!

Complete Syllabus Coverage

The syllabus of NEET is vast, and every chapter and topic hold great value. Leaving any stone untouched when preparing for NEET can hamper the final score. Thus, it is vital to go for an online learning program that covers the complete syllabus. So, while on a lookout for online coaching classes, be sure of checking whether each subject and topic is given equal time, and the concepts are explained in detail.

Doubt Clarification

The learning process is incomplete without a round of doubt-clarification. When weighing between different online coaching platforms for NEET, be sure of picking the one that offers specifically tailored doubt resolution sessions for the curious students with an aim to help them and provide a platform to grow. Online coaching platforms like Aakash Live offer regular doubt clarification sessions so that all students understand the concepts well and are on the same page with others. With so much buzz surrounding the entrance exampreparations, Aakash Live is undoubtedly a boon for candidates who need a digital learning platform for various reasons.

Comprehensive Study Material

Another factor that you must consider when looking for an online coaching is the quality of the study material. When we say quality, we mean the depth in which the topics are covered and the language used in explaining the concepts. Most of the online learning platforms like Aakash Live offer study material created by industry experts. With such comprehensive and easy to understand study material by your side, you will be able to grasp all the information and knowledge provided by the qualified and experienced faculty with ease. With the best online coaching backing your preparation, you will have access to the most comprehensive yet interactive study material that consists of all the course-wise concepts addressed in a readable manner.

Option to Replay Missed Classes

Another important thing to look for in NEET 2019 online coaching is if they offer the facility of replaying lectures and missed classes. This is especially helpful in cases when a topic is complex, and you are not able to understand it in the first go. With this facility, you can watch any missed lecture from the recorded lectures library repeatedly until the time the concept is not clear. This will also allow you to learn at your own pace and according to your preferred time. Doing this, you will end up saving a lot of time, energy and money which can be utilised in preparing better for the upcoming examinations.

Regular Performance Evaluation

When it comes to online coaching, most parents are doubtful about how the performance of their child will be evaluated. However, online coaching classes like Aakash Live offer the students a platform to compare regular performance with other students through regular tests and All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). These tests not only help students to prepare for competitive entrance exams like NEET well in time but also allow candidates to assess their strong and weak areas. Thus, when you are planning to go digital for your NEET preparation, look for a program that offers you the chance to assess your performance on a regular basis.

 Live interactive classes are a revolutionary e-Learning program, which provides high-quality education on a digital platform. It bridges the gap for students who have no access to the quality education because of non-availability of a good coaching institute in their area and those who want to study from the comfort of their home.

Furthermore, just like classroom learning, it helps students deal with the competitive examinations and clear them with flying colours. It does not matter wherever a student is from, with online learning, they are never too far from their medical dream. Preparing and training for NEET – one of the toughest exams in India – has become convenient, thanks to the boom of the internet and online learning classes.