Fast-track your career

Students who focus only on their studies often ignore the role of workplace skills. These cannot be learned in any classroom, but can be picked up through internships. The access to job placements is limited to campus recruitment cells where only a limited number of companies recruit, due to limited time and resources. Only 10% of students are able to get good placements through campus recruitments. Moreover, students are unaware of the spectrum of the jobs available for them. Unemployability and skill gap are two massive problems which need to be tackled right away and to work towards this, Internshala has launched the campaign, ‘India Employed’.


Through this campaign, unemployed graduates who are unable to find suitable jobs can apply for internships with pre-placement offers matching their requirements. So, after the internship, the graduate has a chance to land a job in the same company. The brands offering internships through this campaign include Teach For India, Aditya Birla, OYO Rooms, Decathlon, and Sportskeeda. Graduates, irrespective of their year of study, can apply to over 1,600 internships.

“Students pick their careers in schools not being well informed about their choices. The idea is to discover oneself and one’s true potentials through Internshala,” says founder and CEO, Sarvesh Agrawal. He also advises students to not stress about unemployment but to find internships which could lead them to their potential career.

With the present education system, unemployement of students after graduation is a concern that makes them take up any job offered to them. They even accept unpaid internships where they have no growth opportunities. “We are against unpaid internships. 4,00,000+ internships (across different streams) are listed on Internshala with an average stipend of ₹7,500 per month. This stipend ensures a highly motivated attitude and enthusiasm among the students. The trend of paid internships is increasing in India as compared to the western countries,” explains Sarvesh.

Internshala also plans to provide workspace internships for students who have cleared Class XII in order to help them work with experts in the field that they choose.