Drivers Direct Recruitment targets ex-military

Drivers Direct Recruitment is actively is seeking ex-military personnel to work as commercial drivers.

The driver staffing specialist, which has opened new sites across the UK over the past year, is looking to increase the number of commercial drivers it supplies to more than 1,200 per week from around 1,000 currently. The firm’s new sites include offices in Oldham, Doncaster and Coalville, near Leicester.

The announcement comes ahead of the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) career event on 17 March at Catterick in Yorkshire. Drivers Direct will be exhibiting throughout the event and subsequent BRFS events in Oxford (May), Grantham (July), Tidworth (September) and again in Catterick in November.

The BFRS was set up in 2009 to help service men and women make the transition from military to the civilian world. They currently work along side the military’s current service CTP (Career Transition Partnership) to provide a bespoke plan for each individual to help them prepare for employment on Civvy Street.

[Source:- Recruiter]