CEO perks that will make you angry

Not only does being top dog (or close to it) make you rich — the average pay package for a chief executive of an S&P 500 SPX, -0.22%   company is more than $10 million a year — executives get tons of incredible perks.

This week, Equilar, a data provider that studies executive compensation and corporate governance, released a study of executive benefits and extras that examined some of the most common, and cushy, perks Fortune 100 executives (defined as the top-five highest paid execs at each company) could get.

Personal use of the private jet

Not only do CEOs fly around the world for business in the company jet, they also get to fly on it for personal use. More than half of Fortune 100 executives can use the company jet for their personal use or to bring their spouses, friends or families along on a business trip with them, and nearly 40% of S&P 500 CEOs took advantage of this perk in 2015. One executive (who Equilar does not name) got an aircraft perk worth $873,368, which is more than 16 times the median value for this perk.

What’s more, nearly 10% of Fortune 100 executives can also get aircraft tax gross-ups, which are reimbursements of the taxes they accrue by flying on the aircraft.

A bodyguard

More than one-third of executives are eligible for some kind of personal security — which can be anything from a bodyguard to data and home security — as part of their benefits package. One executive got security services worth $1.6 million in 2014

Car and personal driver

Not only can execs expense their Uber rides, 44% can get other automotive benefits, which can include anything from their own car and personal driver to a free company car. In 2015, the median value of this perk for execs increased to $17,498 from $16,449 in 2014.

Country club membership

Roughly 1 in 10 executives can get their club dues (typically a membership to a country club or golf club of some sort) paid for them by the company.




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