CBSE Term 2 exams: How can teachers take care of students’ mental well-being amid Covid-19?

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As the third wave of Covid-19 is creating barriers for students of Class 10 and 12 to prepare for CBSE term 2 exams, teachers are completing the term 2 syllabus in online classes. However, a lot of students are not able to take online classes due to several issues and this is leading to stress building for many students.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers to take care of their students. Here are some tips for teachers to care for students’ well-being amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Steps and solutions that will help teachers to take care of the mental well-being of their students:

1. Stay connected with students

Teachers should connect with students and take care of their mental health, which is the most crucial factor at this moment.

If teachers are in constant touch, teachers can themselves develop and apply knowledge and skills to understand and control the emotions of students, show empathy, and motivate students to set positive and realistic goals.

2. Content should be simple

Teachers should deliver simple content in the form of video lectures in online classes so that students can understand easily. In other words, visual communication is one of the key factors for a good educational environment.

3. Use group tasks

Teachers must plan some group tasks to develop students’ social-emotional skills in online classes. Students’ opinions and feelings may also be considered as incentives for students’ progressive development.

4. Teachers can personally intervene in students’ lives

Teachers can make or accept calls from students to answer their questions who are struggling with online classes. Subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, accountancy need more personal guidance and proper attention in the online classes.

5. Deliver study materials to students quickly

Many students can’t take online classes due to technical issues. So, it is the responsibility of teachers to deliver study materials to students efficiently.

6. Counselling

This point is important for Class 12 students as they have to deal with the stress of preparing and doing well not only in their board exams but also in their college’s admission entrance exams.

Therefore, schools and teachers must ensure that they monitor the situation closely and counsel the students regularly.