Board exams set the base for successful life

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The Class 10 and 12 Board examinations are, in many ways, among the most important milestones in the academic life of any student. The results of these examinations stay with students for life. They test not only the fundamentals of the students but also become the key factors in determining the course of their careers, according to a press release issued by Studymate.

The Studymate chain of learning centres in Delhi-NCR is conducting Road to Boards, a comprehensive programme to help students of Class 8th to 12th prepare and score more in the Board examinations.

Here is the second in a series of articles powered by Studymate in association with its Road to Boards programme. It focuses on the following reasons why board examinations deserve a serious approach:

1. A true measure of students’ merit

The Board examinations focus on evaluating students’ knowledge and understanding concepts. Students who score well in these usually have a strong grasp of the concepts. Most competitive exams test the ability of students to apply concepts. Without strong fundamentals, their ability to solve problems would be limited, which is why a thorough understanding of basic concepts is needed.

2. Class 10 Boards: Key to selecting the stream for higher education

Students have to choose a stream (Science, Commerce or Humanities) which they would like to pursue in senior school. Streams are allotted on the basis of the percentage score in Class 10 Board Exams. A high score can help students get the stream of their choice.

3. Class 12 Boards: Key to college admissions

Most higher education institutes, except Engineering and Medical, give very high weightage to the Board examination results. Every year, around 2.5 lakh students apply for admissions in Delhi University. Even for Engineering and Medical streams, it makes sense for students to keep their options open by scoring good marks in the Board examinations. A high percentage also gives students the advantage of pursuing undergraduate courses at leading universities in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and Britain.

4. Advantage for higher studies and professional career

Students with consistent academic performance are likelier to get admission in premier post graduate institutes or secure an opportunity to study abroad. The results of Board examinations also play a key role in the initial years of one’s career. Many leading organisations shortlist candidates for entry-level jobs on the basis of candidates’ educational record, which include Class 10 and 12 Board exam results.

“The entire process of preparing for the board examination, appearing for it as well as to handle the results, help in the students’ overall development by building their skills in planning, managing anxiety and dealing with the outcomes”, Arindam Lahiri, chief academic officer, Studymate, said, according to the press release.