6 Tips for Keeping Your Company Vehicles Safe

If your company makes use of company vehicles, keeping your drivers and vehicles safe is a worthwhile consideration. Implement the following tips in your company’s routine and guidelines to promote a safe working environment for your driver teams.

Complete Background Checks

Ensure you are selecting safe employees for driving opportunities. Complete a driving record background check before taking on a new potential driver. Advise applicants that a driving background check will be completed and what would disqualify a candidate from the hiring process.

Conduct Drug Tests

Conduct a pre-employment drug test to ensure a safe environment for all drivers. If possible, consider conducting regular randomized drug tests.

Enforce Employee Authorization Levels

Make sure employees are aware that only authorized drivers may use company vehicles. Enforce this standard by ensuring that employees properly indicate when they are using company vehicles and during what hours and shifts.

Report All Accidents

Ensure that employees are aware that all accidents are to be reported to both law enforcement and your company itself. Provide drivers with an easy method of contacting your company’s dispatch if an accident takes place. Walk drivers through the process of how to properly report an accident to the police and ensure that they are trained on the procedure.

Report All Tickets

Advise drivers that they are to report all ticket violations within a timely manner. Ticket violations should be immediately reported upon the end of shift or, if shifts extend for a long period, within a certain time frame that would be determined by upper management. Provide drivers with an easy method to report ticket violations.

Business Use Only

Make sure drivers are only using vehicles on authorized routes and for authorized business only. Advise drivers that company vehicles are not to be used for personal business.

By implementing the tips listed above, you can help keep your company’s vehicles and reputation safe.