6 Steps to Improve your Recruitment

Improve your Recruitment

1. Rework your Job Posts and Descriptions

If your current job posts don’t attract the desired candidates, then it’s time to do things differently.

Candidates are expecting more from job ads than just being a list of requirements and qualifications. They should be inspirational and tell the readers why joining your team is a great move for them. The whole idea is to sell your company and the specific position. Things you can include are for example how the role will allow the candidate to grow his career, the benefits of working for your company, a detailed roadmap of what is expected from that position in the medium and long term, etc.

2.Explore New Channels

As per point 1, if your current sourcing channels are not yielding enough good candidates, it is time to try new things.

The first question to ask yourself is “Are we on the right job boards?”. Each job board has a specific audience as they target different industries, geographies and candidates. Identify new job boards relevant for your searches so as to maximize the number of good quality candidates you receive.

Recruitment agencies are also a good way to increase your talent pool. Identify the agencies that specialize in the type of candidates you are looking for and let them share good profiles. To minimize the risks, choose companies that only work on a success fee model (they get paid only if you hire one of their candidates).

Another key channel is social media like Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, etc. They are growing extremely fast as mediums to reach candidates, either by posts branding your company or actively sourcing candidates.

Encourage your team to refer people in their networks. Existing employees know your company inside-out, from culture to daily operations, so no one is in a better place to know who makes a great fit. In addition, they’ll have a tendency to refer to you stronger candidates as they are personally vouching for them. Make sure that you have a clear referral system and incentive scheme in place to ease and streamline the process.

Also do not underestimate your own career portal. Candidates that visit your career portal are already familiar with your brand, so it is primordial to offer them a good experience. You can’t imagine how many companies (including global ones) are running outdated platforms and lose candidates as a result.

Manatal offers you the capacity to do all of that: multiply job boards, work with agencies, enhance your career portal and much more.

Lastly, track and analyze all channels to maximize your investment of time and money!

3. Hire Behaviors and Train Skills

Focusing on hiring based on attitude & culture-fit rather than skills is a new HR trend that allows companies to tap into a wider pool of candidates. The idea is that personality is fairly hardwired while skills can be trained. Candidates with the right mindset will have no problems learning and developing new skills! Another benefit is that these candidates often make better employees as they fit well with the workplace and the team.

Do not hesitate to add a culture fit rating in collaboration with the HR team and hiring managers and automate the selection process with a recruitment software like Manatal.

4. Use HR Tech to your Advantage

HR technology is booming thanks to the advances in AI and machine learning. Very expensive and not customizable old full-suite software like Kenexa, Taleo, and SuccessFactors are being replaced by new-generations cloud solutions. With one of the most price attractive positioning in the market and highly customizable, Manatal will help streamline your recruitment from end to end.

Among many others, here are a few points Manatal can help you with:

  • Converge and manage candidates from all your sourcing channels (Job Boards, Linkedin, etc) directly in Manatal.
  • Re-engage past candidates with Manatal’s AI-powered recommendation engine. Find the best candidates in your database for a given job in a few clicks only!
  • Reduce screening time with the Candidate Profile Enrichment and the AI candidate scoring system.

To witness for yourself, try out Manatal free for 14 days (no cards required) or book a demo call with one of our consultants.

5. Keep Improving Your Hiring Process

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your recruitment process with KPIs like Time to Hire, Acceptance Rate, Volume to Conversion or Closing Rate of the hiring managers.

We can often see that there are huge differences in the same company between the best and worst-performing departments. These differences can be attributed to the talent pool (see point 2) or to the fact that some hiring managers are having a harder time closing candidates which can be solved with training.

In both cases, Manatal’s full-suite is here to help you track, analyze and improve your recruitment on those key recruitment KPIs.

One last thing, while recently hired candidates are unlikely to give you an honest rating of your hiring process, the candidates that have rejected your offer hold key information on how you can improve the candidate experience.

Keep in touch with those candidates and analyze their feedback. This will offer you a window into how candidates perceive your hiring process and give you the chance to change what needs to be improved.

6. Keep Optimizing your Onboarding Program

Candidate onboarding can often be underestimated and responsibilities in the company not clearly assigned, leading to costly departures or longer time periods to reach full productivity.

We recommend having a full onboarding process starting right after a candidate’s signature, up until 6 months after the start date, with evaluations along the way if necessary.

As with the hiring process, collect data and continuously try to optimize this final step of the hiring process.

As mentioned, there is no secret recipe but a constant focus on optimizing those 6 points will continuously help to get your recruitment process a little closer to perfection.

We are always glad to support you in your hiring process enhancement. Reach out to us anytime and book a demo call.