5 things students interested in an IT career should know

It is best to take up science stream with physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM) if you are interested in information technology

If you are inclined towards computer science and are looking to take up a career in IT, here are five things you must keep in mind:

1. It is best to take up science stream with physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM). Information technology is a field where there is an increasing demand for professionals with a variety of computer specific qualifications for jobs which vary according to the skill requirements of IT companies.

2. There are several routes to a career in computers and IT. The three major IT-related courses in engineering are IT, computer science, electronics and communications. Computer science is a theoretical field, primarily software-oriented, with emphasis on mathematics which underlies modern programming. In computer science you will learn about the fundamentals of programming languages, information theory and algorithm theory (with linear and discrete mathematics), how to design a software programme, and how to run a successful software development team.

3. The BTech information technology course equips one to deal with databases, business, and accounting, while electronics and telecommunications engineers deal with communication, audio and video communication and microwave communication and learn about the construction, specifications, merits, limitations and applications of electronic components and materials.

4. Even if you don’t take up engineering, you can do BSc IT or BSc computer science, if you take up PCM in Class 12. Alternatively, you can also pursue bachelors of computer applications if you have any other stream with mathematics as a subject in Class 12. While the BSc computer science course includes concepts and training of software tools with skills to adapt to ever changing technology, the BCA will prepare you to deal with development of applications for different operating systems.

5.Jobs are available in areas such as mobile application development as this multifaceted gadget can now be used not only as a voice instrument, but also as a camera, video and movie player, and gaming device. The IT field is growing so fast that there will probably be newer options available by the time you are ready to start working