19-year-old Dunbar grad, study abroad student missing in Israel

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A 19-year-old college student and graduate of Dunbar High School has gone missing while studying abroad, according to her mother.

Teniya Jones, 19, is a University of Kentucky student studying abroad in Amam, Jordan, according to Jones’ mother Tosha Thomas-Mora. Jones was visiting Tel Aviv, Israel with several students in her program.

Bill Bull, vice president of the university’s health and safety security notified Thomas-Mora around 11 p.m. Saturday that three students went for a swim in the sea, and Jones had been missing for approximately 2.5 hours, Thomas-Mora said in an email.

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University of Kentucky


This is a communication regarding an accident involving one of our students who was abroad in the Middle East. Our thoughts and prayers are with the student’s family, friends & our other students traveling; we will keep you informed as this fluid situation continues to unfold.

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“Supposedly they went out for a midnight swim two roommates returned and said that a strong current came and swept them away but they swam back to shore and when they returned Teniya was nowhere to be found,” Thomas-Mora said in an email.

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