10 Ways to Raise a Child in the Age of Technology: Things You Must Know

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The rapid evolution of technology in the last ten years has left us feeling a little overwhelmed. The world is so different from what our parents knew, and it’s difficult to know how we should raise a child in this digital age.

10 Ways to Raise a Child in the Age of Technology: Things You Must Know

Here are 10 ways to do that – things you must know if you want your children to be safe and happy in the Digital Age.

Keep your devices clean and safe

To protect your children from the dangers of technology, it’s important that you keep their phones and tablets free from viruses and malware.

For example, remember to install Google Play Protect on every device they use for games or apps downloaded outside of Google Play – this will scan each app before installation for malicious code, spyware, and malware.

Keep your kids safe online

Children can be exposed to cyberbullying via social media channels like Facebook or Instagram – it’s important that you protect them from this by keeping an eye on their accounts.

If they’re old enough to have a device of their own, let them have one account for social media and a separate one for chatting with friends.

Teach your kids about online privacy

Children often don’t understand the value of privacy – teach them how to be responsible citizens by not sharing personal information or photos that could have consequences in real life, such as being bullied at school or having their identity stolen.

Keep an open dialogue with your kids

The best way to keep children safe in the Digital Age is by having an open dialogue. Talk about what they do online and make sure you know who their friends are on social media, for example – this will help them understand that it’s okay not to share everything publicly.

By knowing what kids are doing online, you’ll be able to guide them and help protect their privacy.

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Make sure your children know how to use technology safely

Kids possess a natural curiosity about new gadgets – make sure they understand the potential risks involved with using devices before handing theirs over for playtime.

For example, teach them how to share and be careful with their personal information online, as well as keeping an eye on the battery level of devices so they always have a full charge.

Teach digital responsibility

Children have to learn how to be responsible citizens in the Digital Age.

For example, they should know that it’s wrong to take photos of other people without their permission or download apps from outside Google Play – this is because they may not understand what happens on the internet and would be unaware of any risks involved with these actions.

Be proactive about protecting your children online

According to a survey carried out by AVG, parents are becoming more concerned with protecting themselves from cyber threats than they are with the safety of their kids.

However, it’s important that you keep an eye on what your child does online and take action if something goes wrong – for example, if their device is hacked or if they’ve downloaded a malicious app.

Keep your anti-virus software up to date and install the best free parental control tools you can find online – this will help keep them safe from cyber threats that may harm their devices, such as viruses and malware.

Limit screen time for younger kids

According to a study by the University of Michigan, two-thirds of children aged between eight and twelve own a smartphone or tablet.

While it’s important that they’re able to learn about technology at an early age, you should limit screen time for younger kids – this will help them avoid developing bad habits when using digital devices later on in life. Encourage them to play outside instead of using technology.

Introduce them gradually to digital devices

The best way to keep children safe in the Digital Age is by introducing them slowly – for example, if they’re only just learning how to walk then there’s no need for a smartphone yet!

Let your child have an age-appropriate device that is suitable for their usage and let them learn about technology gradually – they’ll enjoy learning new skills, such as browsing the web or sending messages to friends.

Keep your kids active

Kids today spend more time in front of screens than ever before – this can cause them to become overweight or obese which brings its own host of health problems.

To keep your kids healthy, make sure they have plenty of time out in the fresh air – whether that’s playing sports or enjoying short walks.

Limit screen time and encourage physical activity whenever possible to help reduce obesity risk among children.