How To Stop Slacking Off In Your Online Degree

Although the idea of online study seems easy in theory — especially to tech savvy millennials — actually getting on top of the content and staying on track is a lot harder than you might think.

The learning is a lot more self-driven, and although traditional on-campus courses are reliant on student involvement, online classes are in league of their own. It is a lot easier to turn off your computer than it is to walk out of a lecture hall.

So, we’ve put together some pointers that will help you get through what is the minefield of online studies.

Invest In A Wall Calendar

It’s well known that visual aids can be highly effective, so why not put everything up on the wall? Invest in a big printed calendar — I find a month-by-month view works best — or a whiteboard that has the ability to be stuck on a hard surface.

The act of physically writing down upcoming assessments and any important dates is in itself a technique, plus you can’t ignore anything if it’s right in front of you.

Set Reminders

We live in a digital world, so why not make the most of it? With most of us permanently attached to our smartphones, setting alerts is a good way to keep on track. It’s easy to just forget what you need to do when you don’t have the constant reminder of peers surrounding you on campus.

Sit down one day with your phone or laptop and set reminders for any assessments or important dates. Give each an alarm for a week before, one for the day before, and then one on the day of. 

Allocate Time For Uni

Make time to purely focus on your online studies. Set aside an afternoon every week, or a couple of hours every weekend to dedicate to study. Take a second to figure out when you are the most productive — are you a night owl or an early bird? Try to make online study a part of everyday. If you know that you have that commitment it is easier to plan time to get things done.

Try And Go To Online Seminars

Although it can be daunting using a webcam, or even just a microphone, everyone else is in the same boat! Online lecturers will often allocate time at the end of any meeting to answer questions. It’s easier to get an instant response (and easier to articulate things verbally) than playing a game of email table tennis for days before you get your answer. It’s also beneficial to make that contact with the teacher, making that initial connection and being an active member of the class is always beneficial. 

Remember Why You’re Here

Finally, make sure you ground yourself every now and then. By enrolling in this online degree, you must have had a goal — use that as your motivation. You are already showing initiative and drive by choosing to further your studies, so harness this and use it to stay on track.